At Anita's Kitchen we aim to be a 'good' business, we locally source all of our ingredients and support other UK businesses as we ourselves are proudly made in Britain. Almost all of our packaging is compostable. We aim to minimise our carbon footprint by not printing any unnessary leaflets and providing paperless receipts. Stay green!



Getting your special parcel to you Cold and still Frozen is important to us, that's why we have spared no expense in partnering with amazing businesses.

We pack your box using a thermally controlled fully tested courier box that's:

  • Biodegradable

  • Compostable

  • Recyclable

  • Recycled

  • Vegan Kind & Organic

  • Tough

We welcome you to re-use these excellent boxes in any creative way you can think of! If you would like, if you should send the box back to us we will gladly reuse them to save any waste.

Compostable Meal Tray

Our food trays are environmentally friendly and are made from 90% or greater renewable and sustainable materials. 90% of the structure is fully biodegradable. In addition, our trays are suitable for recycling where post-consumer sorting is available. 


The fiber can be recycled for use in everything from tissue to insulation and building materials. The waste can be also be used as a clean burning fuel source to fire boilers and other industrial processes. 

Certified by both the Sustainable Forestry Institute and the Forest Stewardship Council.



Reusable / Recyclable Ice Packs

In order to get our food to you frozen we use minimal plastic to keep your food cold.

Our Ice packs use a salt based gel that is non-hazardous and non-toxic.

We encourage you to reuse these great products by simply re-freezing them! If you don't require them simply cut, drain the liquid and recycle the bag.

As always feel free to return our packaging to us for reuse.